Principal Malcolm Milner
Associate Principal (Primary) Katy Sparkes
Associate Principal (Intermediate) Trish Cullen
Associate Principal (Support) Mary Rea

Primary School (Years 0 – 6)

Whanau Koru (New Beginnings) – New Entrant Syndicate

Room 20 Deborah Gray – Syndicate Leader / Lyndsey Spence
Room 21 Leah Nielsen
Room 22 Cheryl Taylor
Room 23 Adrienne Browne
Room 24 Suzanne Preece
Room 25 Emily Pauling
Room 26 Madeleine Lifsey

Whanau Mahira (Inquistitive and Curious) – Year 2 Syndicate

Room 11 Charlotte Eglington
Room 12 Alice Sievewright – Syndicate Leader
Room 13 John Hazel
Room 14 Storm Desmond

Whanau Whetu (Stars) Year 3 and 4 Syndicate

Room 15 Louise Burke
Room 16 Maureen O’Meara
Room 17 Adrianna Yang
Room 18 Catherine Loney – Syndicate Leader
Room 19 Olivia Papa / Carla Mardell
Room 29 Joanna Douglas
Room 30 Saffron Paddy

Whanau Hiringa (Determination) – Year 5 and 6 Syndicate

Shire 1 Andrew Te Aotonga – Syndicate Leader
Shire 2 Madeline Henty
Shire 3 Lesley Payne
Shire 4 Rosie Kelly
Shire 5 Amanda Boyce
Shire 6 Molly Henderson

Intermediate School (Years 7-8)

Whanau Turanga (Standing Place) Year 7 Syndicate

Room 4 Bradley Smith
Room 5 Fern Watson
Room 6 Danielle Nicholson
Room 9 Jesse McBride – Syndicate Leader
Room 10 Michelle Deacon
Shire 8 Trish Ramsay
Room 28 Nick Mulligan

Whanau  Aparangi (Distinguished People)  Year 8 Syndicate

Room 3 Jacqui Bailey – Syndicate Leader 
Room 4 3/4 Rose Curin-Brown
Room 7 Elsie Uini
Room 8 Janelle Palliser
Room 27 Daniel Allen
Room 31 Joe Teague

Specialist Teaching Staff

Multi Materials Technology Theresa Afosa
Technology Sharon Browne
Science / Art Craig Withrington
Music Alex Urlich
Sarah Dunn

Learning Support

SENCO Mary Rea (H.O.D.)
Reading Recovery Lyndsey Spence
ESOL Lisa Gower

Support Staff

Executive Officer Liz Oorthius
Accounts Michelle Cooke
School Office Angels Gretchen Anderson, Andrea Burns and Janet Gould
Resources and IT Suppawee Saichonpit
Librarian Bronwyn Fox / Nicola Browne
Caretaker Don Christensen
Groundsman Ivan Taylor
Gardener Nicola Browne