2020/07/31 13:00:00

To apply for Primary out of zone, your child’s birthdate must be between 4/07/2015 and 31/12/15.

Parents should use the online application process to submit applications on or before Friday 31st July at 1pm 2020.

If more applications are received than places available, a ballot will be held on or before 5th August 2020.

An application requires documents to be uploaded at the time of submission. These documents must be in .pdf format.

Some documents need to be downloaded from this website, completed, then saved (as a .pdf), while others will be scanned images of original documents held by the parents.

NB: Incomplete applications cannot be processed.

The process we follow to select Out-of-Zone students for available spaces is determined by the Ministry of Education as follows:

Category A Siblings of current students
Category B Siblings of past students
Category C Child of a past student
Category D Child of Board of Trustee member or employee
Category E All other applicants

Please note: Categories B and C need to provide evidence at the time of submitting their enrolment application e.g. sibling/parent’s school report, class photo etc.

The ballot is conducted under the supervision of a member of the NZ Police and the selection process is a random draw of applicants’ names.  The educational achievements of individual students are not taken into account by Balmoral School, so you do not need to send in any additional documentation with your child’s application.


  1. Student Medical Consent Form
  2. Immunisation certificate
  3. Cyber Agreeement
  4. Birth Certificate (NZ born) OR passport and student visas.


  • Please ensure you have all documentation completed and saved on your computer before starting your application.
  • Leave NSN (National Student Number) blank when you fill out the online enrolment.
  • Provide us with 2 caregivers and 2 emergency contacts
  • Please ensure you select a zoning status

 IMPORTANT: Caregiver # 1 Section

  • Please ensure you have ticked ALL appropriate boxes in the ‘Select As Applicable’ section.
  • Please ensure you ‘+ add another caregiver’, please provide us with 2 caregivers and 2 emergency contacts.


In the ‘Enrolment Details’ section of your online application:
‘Enrolment Priority’ please make sure you select an option.
‘Zoning Status’ please make sure you select ‘Out of Zone’.

If you have any queries or are having any problems attaching documentation please email enrol@balmoral.school.nz

Please ensure your child’s birthdate is between 4th July 2015 and 31st December 15.