Enrolment & Ballot Policy
Students can only enrol in our school if they live within our home zone. We do accept a small number of out of zone students each year in Year 7.
Enrolment Policy

Digital Citizenship and Bring Your Own Device
In Years 5-8 students are able to bring their own electronic device. More information about this is provided in our Cyber Safety Agreement.
Balmoral Cyber Agreement

Complaints Policy
From time to time parents may have a complaint about an incident and how we have dealt with it at school. In order for these situations to be dealt with effectively we would like people to use our policy for guidance.
Complaints Policy

Attendance Policy
The school is required to keep accurate attendance records and report all non attendance to the Ministry of Education. This policy outlines the procedures for non-attendance the school will follow.
Attendance Policy

Behaviour Plan
The school has a strict code of behaviour. The happiness and safety of all our students as outlined in our School Rules is of paramount importance, and conduct which precludes that from happening will not be ignored. If you have concerns in this area please talk, in the first instance, to the class teacher.
School Rules

Privacy Policy
The Board keeps information on students and their whānau who attend our school. This policy explains the guidelines for which it is used and shared.
Privacy Policy

Home Learning
The amount and type of home learning varies with the age of the child. The focus for Years 0-3 will be on daily reading, while Years 4-6 may have a broader range of activities however the focus will be numeracy and literacy. During 2008 we reviewed our Home Learning. As a result of this review we reduced the amount of homework set and worked on ensuring consistency of content throughout the Primary school. The theme that ran through our feedback from the community was that ‘a little done well’ seemed an ideal way to approach home learning and is in line with current research on this topic. Thank you to those members of the community who provided feedback during the review.

Illness & Accidents at School
We will notify you or your emergency contact if your child becomes too ill to continue their school day. If they are involved in an accident requiring immediate attention we will take them to the nearest medical centre or call an ambulance, as appropriate, and contact you as soon as possible.

Wearing jewellery at school is not permitted. Watches and one pair of stud earrings only may be worn. (If an item of jewellery needs to be worn because it has particular religious significance, please write an explanation to Kate Watson, Deputy Principal.)

Lost Property
It is important that all clothing and possessions are clearly named. Lost property is kept in a wheelie bin next to Room 26. At the end of each term any unclaimed items are donated to charity. Please encourage your children to be responsible for their own possessions. Toys are not allowed at school as they can distract children from learning.

Sun Hat Policy
All primary and intermediate school children are required to wear a Balmoral sun hat during Terms 1 and 4. The hats are to remain at school and children who do not have them on must stay in a shaded area.
Sun-hats with the ‘Balmoral’ logo are available from the school office.