A Caregiver Portal to Your Child’s/Children’s Information.

Caregivers are now able to access their child’s school reports, attendance, and school payments via the Caregiver Portal on our school management system, The Edge.

We encourage you to login now to the caregiver portal to access information regarding your own child/children.

To log on, you must use the same email address that the school holds for you. This will be the one you provided with your child’s enrolment, and which you receive newsletters and other email notices from the school on.

Go to: https://parent.edgelearning.co.nz

and you will see the log in page as below:

Parent Portal Login Screenshot

Enter your email details into the email field.

Click on “Forgot Password?” to receive an email from MUSAC with a ‘reset password’ link.

Enter and save your password, then close that window and put your new password into the log in page.

Once you have access to the caregiver portal, you are then able to click on the name of your child and access their information regarding attendance, Student Reports and School Payments.


* If you have any problems accessing the portal, read our handy Troubleshooting Tips: