Balmoral School Redevelopment


Newsletter Update: Friday 2nd March, 2018

Enabling works:

We were pleased that the fences were taken down on the field last week and pupils now have access to the field behind the Shires. The weather certainly played havoc with grass growth.

We have asked the MoE for a programme of works on the installation of the four new relocatables near the primary playground and are still waiting for clarification on this. It should be a short duration piece of work lasting only a few months.

Main redevelopment works:

Staff have been involved in looking at the colours for the new classrooms. The initial design of the building is complete, and it has followed MoE guidelines for natural light, ventilation and area. These new classrooms also have to be Modern Learning Environments or so-called open plan.

The Ministry maintains a set of design guidance documents that establish design principles for working on school property, and these guidelines help to ensure that new buildings and infrastructure align with key design objectives such as flexibility, durability and cost-effectiveness as well as responding to environmental factors such as prevailing winds, sunlight, and ground conditions.

The design will go to a design review panel in April. This is a group of independent specialists engaged by the Ministry of Education who check the building complies with the code and MoE guidelines. After this, detailed design and tender processes will continue until the end of 2018, with target award to a contractor in December 2018.

The redevelopments work will be staged so that the school can continue to operate unhindered during construction. The building of the Gym / Intermediate school / Primary school and Central Auckland Special School (CASS) Unit are for this reason to a large extent sequential. Duration is estimated to be 3 years (ie all of 2019, 2020 and 2021).

It is important to the Board that the community is aware of the Ministry’s intended duration, so that expectation can be managed. For many involved that have been working on this for many years now, our children like yours will have left the school before the rewards can be enjoyed. More positively expressed, it will be a tremendous legacy for those that follow.


Ministry of Education Newsletter: Thursday 24th August, 2017
See below for the latest newsletter from the Ministry of Education regarding the Balmoral redevelopment.

Balmoral School MoE Fact Sheet


Community Meeting: Tuesday 27th June, 2017
The design of the new classrooms has been progressing well since the Minister approved the additional funds last term. Below are the latest plans as at the end of June 2017.

These plans now have to go before a design review panel and costed by a quantity surveyor. There may be changes if both these reviews identify design problems or cost implications. More detailed drawings of actual layout will then be developed.

Balmoral School Design Plans June 2017


Community Meeting: Monday 13th March, 2017
The Ministry of Education has presented the Board with a concept plan for the School Building Redevelopment that they would like to proceed with. On Monday 13th March 2017 the School Board of Trustees held a community meeting to give everyone an opportunity to come along and hear about the progress they have been making with our rebuild options, see the concept plans and discuss their thoughts with the Board Members.

It was heartening to see so many parents present at the BoT Property Information Meeting on Monday night. It was also fortunate the Minister Nikki Kaye sent a letter to the school at 2.30pm on that same Monday indicating that she would increase the funding for the rebuild by $5.6 million.

The Board believes that this increase gives us a greater chance of being able to develop classrooms that can appropriately meet the needs of our community into the future.

The presentation given at the meeting – not including the last minute information from Minister Nikki Kaye – can be viewed below.

Property Building Public Meeting March 2017